Wednesday 1 December 2010

White Christmas At Solent

December has started with snow and the illustration course at Solent has installed a Christmas tree piece in the main university reception. It's a good eight feet tall; made of wood; gaily painted and covered with doors, making it an advent calendar.

If you can, you'll have to go and see it in situ. As a bait, here are just the doors.

The piece was commissioned by Millais Off-Site Projects at Solent. Jonny Hannah masterminded the project. He and a group of the third-years painted and assembled the tree and made artwork to go behind the doors. I did a bit of sanding. The others involved are Alex Usher, Jen Hainsworth, Ryan Medlock... and here I'll have to add in the two that I don't know. [EDIT: they are Clari Csuk and Kate Wood!]

I'll show the insides later. Go and see it!

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