Wednesday 22 December 2010

The Museum Of Everything

This is another temporary exhibition built out of Peter Blake's amassed ephemera of British culture over the past couple of hundred years. A lot of it is concerned with circuses, fairs and freakshows; and outsider art from shell artists to taxidermy (Walter Potter), tapestry (Ted Willcox) and Cheeta The Chimpanzee, the first non-human to exhibit in the National Gallery.

There were a lot of signs against photography. I made notes and drew, but the prohibition is a good reminder to take everything in in the time spent there, and to treat the whole thing as it was intended: not as a taxonomy of old-fashioned crafts, but a huge three-dimensional collage.

Carters Steam Fair looks like immense fun - and I've just found that it's still running!, complete with a wall of death.
Jubilee Steam Gallopers!
Jungle Thriller Ark!
Rock & Roll Dodgems!
Lightning Skid!
Excelsior Steam Yachts!
Victory Dive Bomber!

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