Saturday 11 December 2010

End Of Term

This was the final week of term. The printroom has been pretty busy with first-years being taught chine-collé; third-years working on their final-minor projects; Charles Shearer making his own collagraphs and Katherine Anteney assembling some very complex Christmas cards.

A good number of us (including Joe Staples, whose papercuts and text I envy), are itching to get in next week if it's open. I have two screenprint studies ready to print, including these acetates for a swimming pool piece, which has been taxing my powers of logic.


Joe Staples said...

:) thanks for the mention

lol ;)

lets hope it is open on monday. Get much more done in the print-room on friday?

really loving the prints your coming out with btw, you still got much work in the Bargate? might get something for xmas present for family.

Christopher Todd said...

I very much hope so. I didn't stay much longer but I have one print already on a screen and another nearly ready to expose.

The shop is full of good things.