Sunday 14 April 2013

The High Court Of Chivalry

A heraldry update

In my recent post about the College Of Arms, I mentioned the most recent case heard by the Earl Marshal.

Well, yesterday, at the Beware Of The Leopard bookstall in Bristol's St Nicholas Market, I found a complete transcript of the hearing of The Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Manchester, against The Manchester Palace Of Varieties Limited, in 1954.

Honestly, I'm not fascinated.  Nevertheless, it was a nice find.

I didn't leave without another nice little book on Heraldry.  This was a King Penguin (printed by the Curwen Press, which deserves its own post), from 1946, written by the Richmond Herald of the time, Anthony Wagner, with plenty of colour plates of arms, pedigrees and designs from the College Of Arms library.

Here are a couple of my drawings from Bristol Cathedral.

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