Thursday 5 March 2009

Everything Except Work: 4

Next in the run-down of art projects "on the side", while hiding from course assignments.

The Red Hot Press in Southampton ran a short course on various methods of printmaking, on four Saturday mornings.

You'll notice some themes here.

First was a linocut. It's a close-up of an iron gate. Again, it's A6 but it's nice lino, and so cut properly with a variety of blades.

Next is another typewriter picture. This was the best of my entry-level efforts with monoprinting - that is, the kind of monoprinting that involves painting on perspex with ink, making any type of mark and sending several layers through the press onto the same sheet to build an image up.

We did some gum transfer too but it's the book-binding that I'm looking forward to using - particularly once I've made some paper.

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