Tuesday 3 March 2009

Everything Except Work: 2

Second in the series of excursions in extra-curricular art.

A birthday card for Martyn, using one of my ongoing visual sources, the typewriter.

County Supplies' tough lino is barely worth hacking at with knives but I've a pile of A6 slabs, so I harnessed the awesome power of the electrical engraving tool. The Small Metals workshop at college have a high-powered, variable-speed system with finer heads than I've seen before. That's how I achieved the narrow lettering and lines.

The idea is that the letters of MARTYN are approaching the ribbon. This meant cutting them forwards (see above), so that they would be backwards in the print (see below).

The team in the printing workshop let me use one of their many presses - one with a big handle to pull horizontally - and the best print went to the card. Here's a less-impressive copy.

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