Monday 2 March 2009

Everything Except Work: 1

A guide to what I've been doing in the past six weeks, while I should have been working on my assignments for college.

Let's start off with the flyer for Steps To Peace. The Roman Catholic chaplain at Southampton University approached me to produce publicity for this walk around the centre of town, visiting six different religious centres. The event is next Sunday, 8th March.

The "church", "mosque", "synagogue" and "gurdwara" shapes are cut out of black paper, with ragged edges as if they're "whooshing" so that I could fit all four on without shrinking them. Vedic temples and Quaker meeting houses are harder to depict and I had plenty of different guesses for the four that I included.

After a few edits on the computer I gave them shadow and a reversed / inverted version; made a map, found logos for the organisations involved and then wrestled with the various bits of text to fit on.

All of this was made in Word and there's a slightly different, single-sided poster too. The most pleasing part is that, whether by my skill or that of the printers, the black shapes on the white side fit almost exactly with the white "holes" on the black side.

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