Sunday 28 September 2008

Masking Tape

Masking tape. Life is a whirl of masking tape. It can be used in nearly every art-based situation.

The swatches mentioned previously were to be put on the wall in any arrangement; juxtaposed with colour cards and then used as inspiration for painting - all as an exercise in colour theory.

Enjoyable elements of physics, biology and geography have crept into the fine art tuition. These were all the easy bits from school: photons; colour; rods and cones; geographical differences in sunlight and so on.

According to the tutors this is the start of our careers as "visual practitioners". The current project will build my portfolio up and won't be assessed. At the stage pictured here I had used pastel pencils and then acrylic paints to copy the blocks as they appeared on the wall. Since then I've done a lot of mental arithmetic to measure the next phase.
I have been captivated by the process of colour-mixing - it stays in my mind like Tetris. I used masking tape to get sharp edges on blocks of colour. When I took it off the page this happened...
... and then the Art Claw was formed.

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