Wednesday 17 September 2008

Second Week

Last week was a lot of fun. The course hasn't made me busy yet: at the moment I feel like all I have to do is draw pictures and go to the library. It's a good library.

Since Friday I've been making quiches and cheesecakes; playing frisbee and enjoying the delicious Autumnal feeling.

Today I'm going to the college to finish last week's project and to have the first proper lecture (more on that later), so it's back to St. Denys Station - a place that has already entered my dreams... when they're not about robot gremlins firing liquid blue circles.

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Christopher Todd said...

St. Denys station has featured in my dreams a number of times since I wrote this.

The most memorable example was when it was the scene of the reformed Spice Girls' commemorative remaking of the video for Wannabe, in which I refused to take part.