Friday 19 September 2008

Duchamp; Postcard; Architecture

That lecture on "Duchamp And The Readymade", featuring prominent use of "Fountain" and Roxy Music performances. Here is the opening slide.

I finished my work on the introductory group project, based around a postcard. The top left corner is mine.

Thursday & Friday
This week's project has been based on architectural drawing. We're required to make A1 monochrome drawings (in any medium) of any part of a structure visible from the college premises, whether internal or exteral. This was the first assessed project and I felt a little out of my depth but the tutors have been encouraging.

Looking for a subject was quite a challenge: I needed a good structure, not an interesting image; and I needed only to draw it rather than to adapt it. My first plan failed: using ink and a nib to draw a building frame. I ended up sitting on tarmac and attempting some pencil hatching to draw the eaves above me, using a table that I had lugged into the lift from the top floor because all the drawing boards had been taken.

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