Sunday 6 June 2010

Polo In The Park

Today Louisa and I went to watch polo at Hurlingham Park in London. Here are a few pen sketches. I've given up on brush-pens for a little while out of frustration at endless issues with the ink-flow. One day I'll get it right. The watercolour experiments make up for that in part.

Drawing sporting activity is a challenge. I had a go at sketching karate a few weeks ago, but the polo was another thing entirely, especially as I'm new to drawing horses. Their heads come out the wrong shape. Thanks to Louisa for explaining all the bits and bridles.

There were national and international matches; displays of horsemanship (and cheerleading); fine food; fresh coconuts and Pimm's flowing like water - albeit at £7.50 per pint.

I may have found my sport to follow.

To think - until today I had never stamped a divot!

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