Tuesday 29 June 2010

Faber Poetry

Whenever I'm in a bookshop (one that sells new books) I search first for any inspiring book covers. Firstly they're most appealing and secondly covers are a big part of professional practice as an illustrator.

Recently I discovered Faber & Faber's new set of poetry, new and old. The covers are all by contemporary printmakers in black and one other colour on white. The rough print effects are complemented by the textured paper finish. Here's the whole set.

Better still, one of the covers is by my printmaking tutor at Southampton Solent, Charles Shearer: fellow-Scot Don Patterson's "Nil Nil" (Look!), Although the traditional printmaking process is visible, it looks the most modern of the set. The others are delightfully retro in colour and style, but Shearer's shows how well abstract images can work.

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