Thursday 11 December 2008

Some People Like Fonts

  1. The law of good design decrees against the use of more than two or three typefaces per publication.
  2. Fonts designed to look hand-written usually turn out unconvincing because the freely drawn characters are the same every time.
  3. The skills of calligraphy and illumination are underrepresented.
I love fonts! They fill me with happiness. I used to spend many hours quite regularly basking like a shark - throat open wide for free fonts. There are hundreds for every situation and mood and hundreds more that will never be useful but are always so delicious and enticing. A long trawl would always lead to a new collection and time wasted with pleasure.

In recent years I discovered the rules above and entered a subtle process of repression. I became a closet font fan, shying away from sharing my love of computer typefaces for fear that people will disapprove or simply won't understand.

Last week the box was opened when, making a poster for a Christmas dinner, I found the exact point at which an orgasm of different typefaces is acceptable. I was set free and printed out a tidy notice

and it was called
The Prince of Posters!

What was I worrying about?

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