Sunday 7 December 2008

Project Marks

Friday, 7.45 am: arrive at college laden with:
  • one backpack full of books
  • one kitbag of materials, food and more books
  • one A1 portfolio
  • two and a half umbrellas
  • a large polystyrene meat box containing various items found in the street
The tutors have given everyone a brief review of their work thus far. That's why I had to bring my portfolio. This was encouraging overall and highlighted my need to spend time in the holidays making a proper album of inspiration and ideas.

My "Self-Identity" project had been marked: I have a respectable 76%. The tutor commented that I would benefit from more experimentation in the course of a project.

The lecturer gave my essay on Marcel Duchamp 70%. It's a fair mark and I'm pleased. He felt that it was "solid if rather 'safe'".

So I got on with the current project: writing notes; sketching; arranging my salvaged items; hammering scrap metal in the workshop and borrowing yet more books from the library.

At the end of the day I was too tired to go out as planned. Jon Ahearn, chatting online, mentioned a series called "Samantha Who?". Looking it up I found that it was created by Todd and Ahern.

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