Saturday 22 October 2011

Tooled Up For The Job

"Don't draw your pens."

That's what I told myself when I started my time as an art student. I thought it too easy to focus on the mechanics of artwork and produce images that would strike a chord only with other artists.

Last month I was commissioned to do just that.

Before the start of this term, my tutors asked me to draw simple pictures of each of the items of stationery and equipment that the new students should have. Jonny and Derek came up with a list and sent me away for a few days.

We scanned the best drawing for each item and Jonny arranged them into a poster. He and Pete screenprinted a few dozen copies [pictured right] and I stamped them with "Unsinkable Press", for prints by the tutors.

Most of them were on pink cartridge paper, but here is one of the few on manila.

The posters were folded up and included in the first-years' welcome pack. I like to imagine them all heading down to Perry's art shop and showing the assistants what they need - before wincing at the prices.

It was fun to collaborate with the tutors and to stretch my drawing muscles before term started with time away from the drawing board, working on the dissertation, as I've mentioned.

The sketchbook work started a bit shakily, as it always does. Here is a page of attempts at scissors and stanley knife from the point when I hit my stride; and a couple of early stabs at brush pen and scissors.


hannahisabelle said...

Draw anything and everything! You never know what another person would see in your drawing.

This is a really cool print! I don't think I have everything on the list there!

Christopher Todd said...

Thanks! The challenge was to draw things like charcoal and masking tape in an interesting way.

I don't have a bamboo pen, graphite stick, tipp-ex, PVA... or a skull.